Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Genuine Parttime Jobs

Things You'll Need:

* internet
* resources section
* some patience

Getting paid to click on ads is entirely possible. Earnings are also often deceiving. Many sites offer 1 cent or less a click. These sites are perfectly sustainable and are the websites you should focus on. Anything more than that will be a scam. The sites that allow you to get paid by clicking on the advertisements advertisers buy are called paid to click sites, generally known as ptc sites. There is a great guide to paid to click sites here and in the resources section.

Now sign up for sites. Signing up for sites is simple and all you have to submit is some simple information before you start clicking ads and earning some revenue.
Go to surf ads page or earnings area once you have registered for the site. There should be 4 or more advertisements available. This may not seem like much however your own clicks is often where you do not make most of your money on paid to click sites.

*** Clicking is important however if you want to earn money for your referrals clicks.
Now its time to keep making some more money!! Go to the refer a member section or banners section of the site and use these to promote your referral link. This is how you will gain members to your downline earning you what you earn per click for their clicks.
Now just keep clicking your ads daily and try to get some referrals under you. Good luck and happy clicking!!

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